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There are a number of people who abandoned their former religions and accepted Islam. These people belonged to various races, countries, nationalities, colours, and professional groups. Forty two (42) of these people were asked several questions, such as, “why did you become Muslim?” “What are the aspects of Islam that you like best?” by some magazines or societies, or by their own friends. Their answers were quite clear and sincere. These noble people decided to embrace Islam after thinking over the matter for a long time and studying the Islamic religion with meticulous attention. Each and every one of their answers, which we have compiled from various books and magazines and we will paraphrase in the following passages, is of documentary value. There are many lessons to be taken from these answers, and those who read them will once again feel in their hearts the sublime nature of our religion.    

The abilities that Allah has given them

Allah has given the jinn abilities which He has not given to humans, and Allah has told us about some of their abilities which include:

4. Marriage between human and jinn

We still hear that so and so among mankind has married a female jinni, or that a woman from among mankind has married a male jinni. Al-Sooyuti mentioned reports from the salaf and the scholars which indicate that marriages between humans and jinn may take place. Ibn Taymiyah said:” Human and jinn may get married and may produce children; this happens often and is well-known.”