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I am one of the many thousands of people who believe in Allah, recite His praises, avow His glory and majesty, and are strengthened by His bounty and support. I have come to know the Almighty Allah through the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace. I read the Qur’an and studied his biography; then I discovered my inner self harmonizing with his message. My heart and mind were refreshed by his call. Thus I became one of the vast multitudes who have accepted Allah as their Lord, Islam as their way of life, and Muhammad as their guide and prophet.

Eating habits

Eating like any other act of Muslim, is a matter of worship and begins in the name of Allah. Islam reminds Muslims that food and drink are the provision of Allah provided to them for survival and for maintaining good health. The following habits have been recommended by Prophet Muhammad (saw), and are practiced by Muslims all over the world:

How do we change?

Any resolution or project for change must include the reform of the heart, or else it is doomed to fail. The Prophet (saw) connected our external well-being to our internal one in this hadith, and we understand that there can be no external reform without an internal one. In fact, the internal reform is the basis of any external change. The Prophet (saw) said: “Taqwa is here, pointing to his chest.” (Muslim)

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