Fruits for the Week

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Regardless of the number of hours you put in or how efficiently you try to work, it is important to remember that ultimately all knowledge comes to us from Allah (swt). It is Allah who has blessed us with our minds and given us the ability and opportunity to seek knowledge. The following Qur’anic du’a is a good one to repeat often: “O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” (Taha: 114)

‘Aziz means exalted in power, rank, and dignity. It also means incomparable, full of might and majesty, and able to enforce His will.

Allah Himself speaks to us through His revelations (through angels) and through His creation, for all nature glorifies Allah. No thinking mind, if judging the matter fairly, can fail to find the same witness in his own heart and consequence. All this points to the unity of Allah, His exalted nature, and His wisdom.

By their creation, human beings are social beings. Human being can’t live alone. He is in need of other human beings who will establish closeness and bonds with. On top of this, man is created weak and he is not capable of satisfying all his needs alone.