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4. Marriage between human and jinn

We still hear that so and so among mankind has married a female jinni, or that a woman from among mankind has married a male jinni. Al-Sooyuti mentioned reports from the salaf and the scholars which indicate that marriages between humans and jinn may take place. Ibn Taymiyah said:” Human and jinn may get married and may produce children; this happens often and is well-known.”

Assuming that this could happen, a number of scholars ruled it to be makrooh, such as Al-Hasan, Qataadah, Al-Hakam and Ishaaq. Imam Malik did not find any evidence to forbid marriage with the jinn, but he did not approve of the idea, and he gave his reason for that as follows:” I fear that this may lead to a situation where if a woman is found to be pregnant and is asked,’ Who is your husband?’ She may reply, ‘He is from among the jinn.’ This would cause much mischief.”’

Some people thought that this is not permissible, and they quoted as evidence the fact that Allah has blessed His slaves among mankind by giving them spouses of their own kind:” And among His signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between affection and mercy.” (Qur’an 30: 21)

Even if such a marriage happened, it would be impossible to achieve love and harmony between them, because they are of different types, so the reason for marriage is not there, because they can not attain the repose and love referred to in the verse.

Whatever the case, this is something which some people claim happens now and has happened in the past. If it does happen, then it is an aberration. It is very rare that one who does this would ask about the shar’i ruling concerning that, for the one who does that may be forced to do so and may not be able to get out of that situation.

5. The lifespan and death of the jinn

Undoubtedly the jinn – including the devils – will die, because they included in the following verse:” Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish. And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will remain forever.” (Qur’an 55: 26-27).

In Shaheeh al-Bukhari it is narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet (saw) used to say:” A’udhu bi ‘izzatika, alladhi la ilaha illa anta, alladhi la yamoot, wal jinn wal ins yamootoon (I seek refuge in Your Glory, for there is no god except You, Who does not die, but jinn and men will die).”

With regard to how long their lives are, we do not know, apart from what Allah has told us about the accursed Iblees, who will remain alive until the Hour begins:” Iblees said,’ Allow respite till the Day they are raised up’. Allah said:’ You are of those respited.’” (Qur’an 7: 14-15)

But with regard to other jinn, we do not know how long their lives are, but they live longer that humans do.

6. The dwelling places, gathering and haunts of the jinn

The jinn inhabit the same earth on which we live, and they tend to gather in greater numbers in ruins and deserted places, and in dirty places such as bathrooms, privies, garbage dumps and graveyards. Hence – as Ibn Taymiyah said – many of the ‘syaikhs’ who are accompanied by the devils dwell in many of these places.

There are hadiths which forbid praying in bathrooms, because of the impurity in such places, and because they are the abode of the devils, and in graveyards because that is a means that leads to shirk.

They often gather in places where they can cause mischief, such as marketplaces. Salman advised some of his companions,” Do not, if possible, be the first person to enter the marketplace, or the last one to leave, because it is the battle-ground of the devils, and in it he sets up his banner.”

The devils stay in the houses in which people live, but they may be expelled by saying bismillah, remembering Allah and reciting Qur’an, especially surah Al-Baqarah and ayat al-Kursi. The Messenger (saw) mentioned that the devils spread out and increase when darkness falls, hence he commanded us to keep our children inside at dusk. The devils flee from the adhan, and in Ramadhan the devils are chained up. 

(To be continue)

by Dr. Omar Al-Ashqar

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