Fruits for the Week

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The human being is created weak, hasty and having no self-control. Sins have been decreed for him the tendency for doing acts of obedience. Hence, Allah (swt) with His mercy opened for His servants the doors of repentance, especially during some hours of the night, and at the end of the day. The doors remain open until the sun rises from where it sets.

Abu Al-Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd, or better known as Ibn Rushd or Averroes to the West, is a symbol of the migration of thought. He was an Islamic law expert and a philosopher. The combination of his expertise in these two fields is rather unique and it provoked inquiries because philosophy is seen as discussing theoretical and speculative matters while Islamic law is a practical field that discusses issues like the daily problems of people – among others. This uniqueness is what makes up – this Islamic thinker of the twelfth century AD, - Ibn Rushd. If Ibn Sina is regarded as a knowledgeable person of the Islamic civilization famous in the West, Ibn Rushd is famous in the West because he proved to be the bridge between Islamic civilization and the modern Western civilization.

I am one of the many thousands of people who believe in Allah, recite His praises, avow His glory and majesty, and are strengthened by His bounty and support. I have come to know the Almighty Allah through the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace. I read the Qur’an and studied his biography; then I discovered my inner self harmonizing with his message. My heart and mind were refreshed by his call. Thus I became one of the vast multitudes who have accepted Allah as their Lord, Islam as their way of life, and Muhammad as their guide and prophet.