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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) considered the poor as the best part of his ummah and the fastest to travel to Paradise. Haritha bin Wahb (RA) heard Prophet Muhammad (SAW) say: “Shall I tell you of the People of Paradise? They comprise every poor humble person, and if he swears by Allah to do something, Allah will fulfill it; while the people of the Fire comprise of every violent, cruel arrogant person.” Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said again: “There are many persons who look much disturbed with ruffled hair and boggard face and are scornfully pushed away from people’s doors, yet if they were to say in the name of Allah, the same would be fulfilled.”

The real poor are altogether different persons. Abu Hurairah (RA) heard Allah’s Messenger say: “Do you know who is poor?” The companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “A poor man amongst us is one who has neither dirham with him nor wealth.” Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The poor of my ummah would be he who would come on the Day of Resurrection with prayers and fasts and zakah but (he would find himself bankrupt on that day as he would have exhausted his funds of virtues) since he hurled abuses upon others, brought calumny against others and unlawfully consumed the wealth of others and shed the blood of others and beat others, and his virtues would be credited to the account of one (who suffered at his hand). And if his good deeds fall short to clear the account, then his sins would be entered in (his account) and he would be thrown in the Hell-Fire.” (Bukhari)

The birth of Jesus is the same as that of Adam who did not have either a father or a mother. Neither of them can claim divinity.

Allah says in Surah Al-Imran: “Indeed the likeness of Jesus with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him of dust, then He said unto him: Be, and he is. This is the truth from your Lord (O Muhammad), so be not thou of those who waver.” (3: 59-60).


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