Fruits for the Week


The word ‘PEACE’ has been mentioned in the Qur’an about 138 in 39 different forms and in 47 different Surahs. Peace is very important in every person’s life. Each and every one wants to live in peace and harmony. Many were seeking peace through wrong channels and were unable to find it.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said in the Hadith Qudsi:” There is nothing liked by Me (Allah) more than what I have prescribed to My servant. And My servant will continue to come closer to Me with the supererogatory performances till I like him. Whenever I like him, I shall be his hearing that he hears with, his sight that he sees with, his hand that he strikes with, and his leg that he walks with; when he asks Me, I will give him, and when he seeks refuge in Me, I will protect him.

Keeping dogs inside the house without any necessity merely as pets was forbidden by the Prophet (saw). When we observe how lavishly the well-to-do treat their dogs while despising their relatives, and how much attention they give their dogs while neglecting their neighbors, we realize the wisdom of the prohibition. Moreover, the presence of a dog makes the household utensils unhygienic due to their licking of them. The Prophet (saw) said:” If a dog licks a plate (or pot), clean it seven times, of which one time should be with sand (or earth).” (Bukhari).