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The true, generous Muslim gives charity especially to those who deserve help. He seeks out those among the poor and destitute who are too proud to ask people for anything so that most people think that they are free from want. He goes to them, knocks at their doors, and gives them whatever will meet their needs and preserve their honor. This is because those poor but proud people are the first ones who should be helped.

The true Muslim is generous no matter how poor he is and no matter how small the amount he gives. It is sufficient for him to have compassion in his heart towards those who are even poorer than him and to feel what others are suffering from the pain of deprivation. Hence, many hadeeths encourage the poor to spend a little, according to their ability, so that they will continue to feel that they are in solidarity with their brothers. Allah promised those who spend, no matter how small their gift is, or how poor they are, that their charity would bear fruits and increase until it became like a high mountain, on the condition that the money they spent came from a halaal source.

Among the rich nowadays are those who possess such millions and billions that if they were just to pay zakah on their wealth, they would be able to totally eradicate poverty from their societies, let alone what could be achieved if they were to spend generously. But they withhold zakah even though they know it is an obligation, one of the pillars of Islam. So you can see them, if they give at all, spending a few pennies on ‘Eid and other occasions, or distributing bread and food in a few Islamic countries to a limited number of poor people. When simple-minded folk see masses of poor people standing at their doors and taking whatever crumbs may be thrown in their direction, they praise them for their generosity; these gullible people do not realize that the total spent by these millionaires does not even amount to the smallest part of what they should be giving, and that the few pennies they throw to the destitute are like sand thrown in their eyes (to blind them to reality). They pretend to obey Allah and spend for His sake, but nothing is hidden from the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of both rich and poor


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