Fruits for the Week


The Prophet (saw) said: “Do not be envious of one another; do not artificially inflate prices against one another, do not hate one another; do not shun one another; do not undercut one another in business transactions; and be as fellow-brothers and servants of Allah. A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He neither oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down upon him. Piety is here – and he pointed to his chest three times. It is evil enough for a Muslim to hold his brother Muslim in contempt. All things of a Muslim are inviolable for another Muslim: his blood, his property and his honour.” (Muslim)

In shaa Allah! We are going to usher in the new year of 1440 Hijrah soon. It means that the Hijrah (migration of the Prophet) from Makkah to Madinah has been passing over 1439 years ago. The Hijrah is a physical journey undertaken by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions from Mecca to Madinah. The Hijrah is a milestone event in Islamic history, an event that inaugurated significant changes in the historical direction of the world, an event that has become the focal point of the destiny of the Muslim world. It is a story planning, patience, endurance and striving.

In the valley of Arafat, on this great occasion, hundreds and thousands of people are assembling, all of them in groups shouting” Here we are, O God! Here we are, in Your Presence!” This experience of a pilgrim cannot be described in words; it can only be felt by one who has gone through such an experience himself.