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The abilities that Allah has given them

Allah has given the jinn abilities which He has not given to humans, and Allah has told us about some of their abilities which include:

4. Marriage between human and jinn

We still hear that so and so among mankind has married a female jinni, or that a woman from among mankind has married a male jinni. Al-Sooyuti mentioned reports from the salaf and the scholars which indicate that marriages between humans and jinn may take place. Ibn Taymiyah said:” Human and jinn may get married and may produce children; this happens often and is well-known.”

4. The food, drink and marriage of the jinn

(1) Their food and drink

The jin - including the Satan – eat and drink. In Saheeh al-Bukhari it is narrated from Abu Hurairah (ra) that the Prophet (saw) commanded him to bring him some stones to use to clean himself after defecating, and said to him, do not bring me bones or dung.” When Abu Hurairah (ra) asked the Messenger (saw) afterwards, about the reason why he had told him not to bring him bones or dung, he said: “They are the food of jinn. A delegation of the jinn of Nusaybeen came to me – and what good jinn they are – and asked me for provision. I prayed to Allah for them and asked that they should not pass by any bone or dung but they would find food on it.” (Bukhari)