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Fasting, like prayer, is also an act of worship and is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is compulsory for all Muslims, both men and women; but pregnant women, the sick and travellers are exempted from fasting. But travellers have to observe fasting after the end of their journey, pregnant women after the delivery of their child and the sick when they become well. Women during the period of menstruation need not fast but have to make up the lost days afterwards.

You are a Muslim, you are a believer and therefore, you are upon tremendous good. Our Prophet (saw) heard a man say: “Praise is to Allah for Islam.” So he said: “Verily you have praised Allah for an immense favor.

Etiquette related to traveling

1. The person must first return to their rightful owners anything he has taken wrongfully from anyone or anything that has been left with him as a trust. This is because traveling is accompanied by the possibility of death.


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