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When Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas was severely ill and almost at the point of death, the Prophet (saw) visited him and Sa’ad asked him: “O Messenger of Allah, I have much wealth, and I only have two daughters to inherit from me. Should I give two-thirds of my wealth in charity? The Prophet (saw) said: “No.” He said: “Should I give half?” He said: “No.” He said: “A third?” He said: “Give a third, but it is still a lot.” Then the Prophet (saw) commented: “If you leave your children rich, it is better than if you leave them poor and begging from people. You will not spend anything (in charity) without being rewarded for it, even if it is the mouthful you raise to your wife’s mouth.” (Bukhari)

The true Muslim who sincerely seeks to follow the teachings of his religion is generous, and seeks to do good to the members of his society on all occasions and in all circumstances.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was the last of the prophets; he was sent by Allah to all human kind. That is why his message had to be complete and inclusive of all aspects of life on both individual and societal levels.


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