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3. The Satan and the jinn

(1) Definition of the Satan

The Satan of whom Allah speaks a great deal in the Qur’an is from the realm of the jinn. In The beginning he used to worship Allah, and he dwelt in heaven with the angels and entered Paradise, then he disobeyed his Lord when He commanded him to prostate to Adam, out of arrogance and pride. So Allah cast him out from His mercy.

(2) Evidence that points to the existence of the jinn

(a) Their existence is well established in Islam and is something which no Muslim has any excuse for not knowing

Ibn Taymiyyah says: “None of the groups of the Muslims dispute that the jinn exist or that Allah sent Muhammad (saw) to them too. Most of the groups of the kuffar also affirm that the jinn exist. The People of the Book, the Jews and Christians, also believe in them as the Muslims do, although there are some among them who deny that, just as they are some among the Muslims who deny that, as the Jahamiyyah and Mu’tazilah. However the majority of the groups and their leaders believe in that.

The jinn form a world other than that of the world of mankind and the world of angels. They have some things in common with mankind in the sense that they are described as possessing reason and understanding, and therefore the ability to choose between good and evil. They are unlike mankind in some other ways, the most important of which is that the origin of the jinn is different from that of man.