Fruits for the Week

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Two kind of Muslims:

1.Partial Muslims

Some Muslims profess faith in Allah (swt) and the Messenger and declare Islam as their religion; but then they confine this Islam to only a part of their lives. To the extent of this part, they express great attachment to Islam, extensively perform worship rituals like prayers, use of the rosary, remembrance of Allah’s name. they are very particular in confirming to outward piety in matters like food, dress and other external social, cultural customs. Thus they are fully religious.

Brothers in Islam! Who are true Muslims? Let us see what Allah (swt) and His messenger have to say about their lives and hearts: “Say, my prayer and my sacrifices, and my living and my dying are for God alone. The Lord of all the worlds. No partner has He. Thus I have been commanded, and I am foremost among those who surrender unto Him.” (Al-An’am)

Allah is beautiful and loves beauty

The question the companion asked about the reality of arrogance allowed the Prophet (saw) to clarify what qualifies as arrogance. Arrogance is not the desire that human have to possess beautiful and nice things, even if they should desire that no one surpassed them. The following hadith explains this: “A man came to the Prophet (saw), and he was a handsome man, and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, I am a man that loves beauty and I have been given what you see of it so that I don’t like that anyone would have more than I do, even if it were the string or he said the strap of my sandal. Is this arrogance?’ He replied: ‘No. Arrogance is the rejection of the truth and the belittling of people.’” (Abu Dawud)