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Islam permits, and in fact requires that the Muslim be careful about his appearance, dress decently, maintain his dignity, and enjoy what Allah has created for the purpose of clothing and adornment.

9. The permissibility of lying down in the Masjid

As indicated by the Prophet’s practice, it is permissible to lie down in the Masjid. Abdullah Ibn Zaid Ibn Asim reported that he once saw the Messenger of Allah (saw) lying down in the Masjid, with one of his legs placed over the other. Ibn Shihab related that Sa’eed Ibn Musayyib said:” Umar and Uthman would do that as well.” (Bukhari). If you do lie down in the Masjid, you must be sure that no private area of your body will become exposed as a result, for depending on what kind of clothes you are wearing, you may expose a private area of your body if you place one leg over the other.

4. What supplication you should say while you are walking to the masjid for prayer.

When you walk to the masjid, it is recommended for you to say what the Prophet (saw) said when he would go out for prayer. Ibn Abbas (ra) related that the Prophet (saw) went out for prayer, and he was saying:” O Allah, place within my heart light, and upon my tongue light, and within my ears light, and within my eyes light, and place behind me light and in front of me light and above me light, and beneath me light. O Allah, increase for me light.”