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Dr. Rolf Freiherr Von Ehrenfels is the only son of Prof. Dr. Baron Christian Ehrenfels, who is known as the founder of Gestalt psychology all over the world. He belongs to a well-known family. He was only a small child when he felt a growing concern for the orient and began to study the Islamic religion. His sister Imma Von Rodmesrhof writes about this inclination of her brother’s in detail in a book of hers, which was published in Lahore in 1953.

The Prophet (saw) said: “The most virtuous of virtues is to connect (and have good relations) with those who cut you off, to give to those who deny you, and to overlook and pardon those who revile (or falsely accuse) you.” (Ahmad)

The hijrah is a physical journey undertaken by Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions from Makkah to Madinah. It is a story of planning, patience, endurance, striving and eventual triumph in the face of seemingly extreme hopelessness.The Prophet, an Arab born on the soil of Mecca, lived at a time when the people were in a state of marked corruption and decay and in the grips of the worst form of idolatry. No society was considered more degrading and more debased than that society before it accepted Islam. Hence the period before Islam became known as the Jahiliyyah period or the period of ignorance.