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All will have to appear before a Court where no one will dare plead another one’s cases. The exhaustion of our youth must therefore be purposive, when Allah has engaged His entire creation, to name a few, the sun and the moon and millions of stars of unimaginable sizes and employed an infinite number of angels to our service and created corns and fruits, animals and fishes and what not in this earth to nourish our bodies and for our comforts and living!

According to Abdullah bin Mas’ud (ra), Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:” On the Day of Resurrection the feet of the son of Adam will not move away till he is questioned about five matters.” (Tirmidhi) and received their answers, because man was not certainly created for play but for serving Allah Alone. The five matters are:

Our beloved Prophet (saw) instructed us to respect all those who are old and at the same time we are to have mercy on the young. The Prophet (saw) said:” I advise you to be good to the elderly, and to have mercy on the youth.” (Ad-Daylami).

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