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You experience what you believe in. You only need to adjust your inner feelings, keep your self–esteem and confidence, and above all, have faith and true belief in your Creator in Allah. It is all in your mind; the power of your thoughts generates your sentiments upon which your reactions will depend. Every great action started with just an idea, a mere thought, or an opinion that came into awareness to result in effective changes in people’s lives. Our belief generates a tremendous power, a driving force that achieves great results and actualizes our visions.

The crowd was growing in size by the minute. They were beating drums, singing, dancing, and shouting with joy. Pagan Makkah was about to kill Khubaib ibn Adi Ansari (ra) who had been captured through a sinister and treacherous plot, then sold in the slave market so the buyers could exact their vengeance.

On the twelfth of Rabi’ul Awwal, Muslims all over the world hold special gatherings to commemorate and celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (saw). The special programs attract huge members of Muslims. There can be no two opinions among the believers that remembering the Prophet (saw) and learning about his life example are highly meritorious acts. The Milad celebrations show the deep love and devotion that all the believers have for the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad ibn Abdillah (saw). This love and devotion remain a distinct characteristics of Muslims throughout the centuries.

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