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One of the significant gains for the Islamic Union of Hong delegation from the Turkey trip was to get to know Bro. Faisal Hu Guang Zhong and his wife Sis. Nadya Chou, who are volunteering time to do humanitarian relief work in Turkey.

When Turkey was hit by a devastating earthquake in 1999, Taiwanese businessman Bro. Hu raised a question in front of the Taiwanese media, “Where is Taiwan when Turkey needs help?”. Soon after, an NGO, Tzu Chi, got in touch with Bro. Hu and appointed him as their humanitarian relief representative in Turkey.


According to UNHCR’s statistics in 2015, Syrian refugees in Turkey have exceeded 1.7 million. Over the years, Bro. Hu and his wife led the Chinese students, entrepreneurs and local volunteers in Turkey to distribute food, supplies, and arrange home visits for the Syrian refugees. Their noble works are real life examples of  Islamic teachings on mercy and caring which have brought warmth to many Syrian refugees.


“We are only able to provide food vouchers for 250 Syrian refugee families per month at the moment, but there are thousands of families came to our distribution centers each time. I was deeply sorry to turn down these refugees who are starving. I want to appeal to you, my Hong Kong brothers and sisters, please give help to these poor people.” Said Bro. Hu.


Instead of just providing food and basic needs to the Syrian refugees, Bro. Hu and his wife are aiming something bigger, which is to educate their next generation so that they can become self-reliant one day. He then said: "Thanks to the support of the Turkish Ministry of Education, we have got the permission to use a local primary school for teaching Syrian children by Syrian teachers in the afternoon after the local Turkish children finished their school.


Unfortunately, some of the kids have to give up this rare study opportunity and work in factory or stay at home to do handicrafts instead, so as to help their families make ends meet”.


Bro. Hu hopes that Muslim overseas can help to fulfill the basic needs of these Syrian refugee families, therefore their children can go to school, learn and play with peers. Although the Syrianchildren are being left destitute in a foreign country, they can still have a happy childhood andthe young Syrians can still cherish dreams of a bright future. 





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