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Keeping dogs inside the house without any necessity merely as pets was forbidden by the Prophet (saw). When we observe how lavishly the well-to-do treat their dogs while despising their relatives, and how much attention they give their dogs while neglecting their neighbors, we realize the wisdom of the prohibition. Moreover, the presence of a dog makes the household utensils unhygienic due to their licking of them. The Prophet (saw) said:” If a dog licks a plate (or pot), clean it seven times, of which one time should be with sand (or earth).” (Bukhari).

The concept of being contented is very important in our daily life. If one is contented, he will live in peace, harmony and happiness. These qualities can’t be purchased or acquired through wealth, property, position or fame. If a person is not contented, he will drive himself crazy. He will do his best to satisfy his needs, but never ever will he be happy or satisfied. He will never have peace of mind. He may end up being schizophrenic and he may continue to live in anxiety and have mental disturbances.

Most commonly when you deal with people, they treat you how they want to treat you, and not how you want to be treated. Not everyone you meet with cheerfulness is cheerful to you in return. Some of them may even become angry, think badly of you and ask,” What are laughing at?”  

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