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The food and drink of the people of Paradise does not produce any impure excrement. It might cross one’s mind that the food and drink of this world, namely excrement, urine, mucus, saliva and so on. But this is not the case.


Paradise is a place that is free from all impurities,and its people are free from all the blemishes of people of this world. A hadith reported by Bukhari
and Muslim from Abu Hurairah clearly rejects such a notion. The Prophet (saw) said: “The first group to enter Paradise will be as beautiful as the full moon; they will not spit or blow their noses.” (Bukhari)



This does not apply only to the first group to enter Paradise; all those who enter will be similarly pure. Muslim reported from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “The first group of my ummah to enter Paradise will be as beautiful as the full moon, and those that come after them will be like the brightest shining star, and those that follow them will be ranked according to their status.They will not defecate or urinate or blow their noses or spit.” (Muslim)


It might be asked: where will the waste products from their food and drink go? This question was posed to the Prophet (saw) by his Sahabah, and he replied that part of these waste products will be turned into sweat like musk that will come out of their bodies; other parts will be turned into burps, but these burps will produce a fragrant scent.

Muslim reported that Jabir Ibn Abdullah said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) say: “The people of Paradise will eat and drink there, but they will not spit, excrete or blow their noses.” They asked, “What will happen to the waste matter from their food?” He said: “It will come out as burps which are like musk.” (Muslim)

Why will the people of Paradise eat and drink and comb their hair? If the people of Paradise are to abide there forever, and it is free from all discomfort, pain and sickness, if there is no hunger or thirst there, and no impurity or dirt, then why will the people of Paradise eat and drink, and use perfume and comb their hair?

Imam Al-Qurtubi answers this question in at-Tadhkirah: “The luxuries and clothing of the people of Paradise will not be for the purpose of warding off potential pains; they will not eat because of hunger, or drink because of thirst, or use perfume because of some offensive odour.


Paradise is a never-ending succession of delight and joy. Do you not remember the words of Allah to Adam?: “Verily, you have (a promise from us) that you will never be hungry therein nor naked. And you will suffer not from thirst therein nor from the sun’s heat.” (Qur’an 20: 118-119).


This wisdom behind it (food and drink) is that Allah will introduce Paradise to them in ways similar to the good things that they enjoyed on earth, but He will increase it in ways known only to Him.” The vessels and cups of the people of Paradise.


The vessels from which the people of Paradise will eat and drink will be of gold and silver. Allah (swt) said: “Trays of gold and cups will be passed round them…..” (Qur’an 43: 71). Allah said again: “And amongst them will be passed round vessels of silver and cups of crystal, crystal-clear, made of silver. They will determine the measure thereof according to their wishes.” (Qur’an 76: 15-16) 


Bukhari and Muslim reported from Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari that the Messenger of Allah said: “The believer in Paradise will have tent made of a single hollowed-out pearl. And two gardens of silver, their vessels and everything in them, and two gardens of gold, their vessels and everything in them.” 


Among the vessels from which they will drink will be cups and jugs and glasses. Allah (swt) said: “The cup is something that has no handle or spout, the jug has handle and spout, and the glass is a cup that is filled with drink.


(To be continued)

(Prepared by Umar S. Al-Ashqar)

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