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A Muslim views sleep as a great bless that Allah the Almighty has bestowed on His servants. Allah (swt) said:” It is out of His mercy that He has made for you night and day that you might rest therein (during the night) and that you may seek of His bounty (during the day), and in order that you may be grateful.” (Al-Qasas: 73). He further said in the Qur’an:” And We have made your sleep as a thing for rest.” (An-Naba’: 9).

Resting during the hours of the night after working and moving about during the day helps refresh the body and allows it to revive itself such it can fulfil its responsibilities for which Allah has created it. Therefore, every Muslim must give thanks for His blessing. He should also adhere to the following etiquette related to the sleep:


1. He should not delay going to sleep after the Isha’ prayer unless there is some necessity to do so, such as studying knowledge, talking with a guest or having companionship with his family. Abu Barzah narrated that Allah’s Messenger (saw) disliked sleeping before the Isha’ prayer and talking afterwards.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


2. The person should do his best to make sure he is in a state of ablution when he goes to sleep. Allah’s Messenger (saw) told Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib, may Allah be pleased with him:” When you come to your bad, make ablution, the same as the ablution for prayer.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


3. A Muslim should begin sleeping on his right side and lay on his right side. There is no harm if he changes to his left side afterwards. Allah’s Messenger (saw) said to Al-Bara’:” When you come to your bed, make ablution, the same as the ablution for prayer. Then lie down on your right side” (Bukhari and Muslim). He also said:” When you go to your bed while in a state of purity, lie down on your right side.” (Abu Dawud).


4. The person should not sleep while lying on his stomach, neither during the daytime or nighttime. It has been narrated that Allah’s Messenger (saw) said:” It is the way of lying down (sleeping) of the people of the Fire.” (Ibn Majah). In another narration he stated:” It is a way of lying down that is not loved by Allah.” (Ibn Majah)


5. One should recite any of the following words of remembrance of Allah and supplications:


a) One should say ‘SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar’ thirty times, and then he should say ‘Laa ilaaha illallah, wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ‘alaa kulli shay-in qadeer.’


b) One should recite Surat Al-Fatihah, and the first few verses of surat Al-Baqarah, until the ending of the fifth verses. He should also recite the verse of Al-Kursi and the last verses of surat Al-Baqarah, from verse number 284 to the end. Exhortations to recite these are found in some narrations.


Then he should make any supplication he wishes, as such a supplication will be responded to. The Prophet (saw) said:” Whoever wake up during the night and says upon awakening, and then supplicates, it will be responded to.” (Al-Bukhari)


If he gets up, makes ablution and prays, his prayer is accepted. Or he says:” Laa ilaaha illa anta subhaanaka. Allahumma astaghfiruka lidhanbee, wa asaluka rahmataka. Allahumma zidnee ilman, wala tuzigh qalbee ba’da idh hadaytanee, wahablee min ladunka rahmatan innaka antal wahhab.” (There is none worthy of worship except You. Glory be to You. O Allah, forgive my sins. I ask You for Your mercy. O Allah, increase my knowledge and do not allow my heart to stray after You have guided me. And grant me mercy from Yourself. Verily, You are the Best owner.)


6. During the morning time, he should make the following supplications:


a) When he wakes up and before he gets up from his bed, he should say: ‘ Alhamdulillahilladhi ahyaanaa ba’da maa amaatanaa wa ilayhin nushuur.” (Praise be to Allah who gave us life after our death. And to Him is the resurrection.’ (Bukhari)


b) One should look towards the sky and recite the last ten verses of surat Al-Imran, if he is getting up to pray the late night prayer.


(Prepared by Abdul Muhaemin Karim)                  

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