Fruits for the Week

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There are many ways in which you can spend your time constructively and become closer to Allah (swt).

1. Reading the Qur’an

The Qur’an is the word of Allah which was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) through the Angel Jibril (as). There are two reasons why you should read it regularly. Simply reading the Qur’an in Arabic with your full attention is in itself an act of worship and will bring you closer to Allah. The Qur’an is a guide given to us by Allah and so it contains plenty of useful and relevant advice about how best to live our lives.

So, by reading it, understanding what it says and acting upon it you will become closer to Allah and Insha Allah a better Muslim. Even reading a few lines regularly every day, you will find that you can finish the whole Qur’an at least twice in a year.

It is also important to memorize small verses from the Qur’an so that you can recite them in salah. The Holy Prophet (saw) said: “The person who has nothing of the Qur’an inside him is like an empty or ruined house.” (Tirmidhi)

2. Du’a
Du’a, which means ‘calling upon’, is a very personal way of communicating with Allah. You can choose what you say and which language you say in it, but there are some recommended ways in which to make du’a.

The Prophet (saw) used to make du’a by facing the Qiblah and raising his cupped hands towards the sky. When you make du’a, it is good to thank Allah for all that He has given you and to send salat and salam to the Holy Prophet (saw) and his family. You can ask for anything as long as it is halal and does not involve asking Allah to harm or hurt anyone else.

You can ask for forgiveness, strength, guidance, good health, good exam results, good things in this world and in Akhirah. Be sure to pray for your loved one, including those who have passed away. You can pray for those that are less fortunate than you and especially those who are suffering as a result of war, natural disasters etc.

You must not lose hope if your du’a is not answered immediately. If that was the case it would mean Allah would become our servant waiting for our requests instead of our Master. For your du’a to be answered you have to work towards becoming closer to Allah. Remember Allah is the best of planners. Your prayers will, Insha Allah, be accepted when the time is right but you have to be patient.

3. Dhikr
Another way of becoming closer to Allah is through dhikr (the remembrance of Allah). You can do dhikr at any time of the day, while you are walking, sitting or even when you can’t sleep. You can spend as little as a few seconds reciting a few words either in your mind, on fingers or do a tasbih. The following words carry a great reward:

  • SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah)
  • Alhamdulillah (All praise and thanks is due to Allah)
  • La ilaha illa Allah (There is no god but Allah)
  • Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)
  • Astaghfirullah (I seek Allah’s forgiveness)

4. Performing a Sunnah
The word Sunnah means ‘practice’. When you carry out a sunnah you are copying the actions and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) who is the best example of how we should behave. By following the noble practices of our Prophet (saw) we are in fact becoming better Muslims.

It does not have to be difficult or time consuming to perform a Sunnah. For example, the Prophet (saw) would always begin his meal with the words ‘Bismillahir rahmanir rahim’ and eat with his right hand. He would always finish his food and he never criticized the test of food.

It is little actions such as these which will help others to warm to Islam and earn you a great reward from Allah.

5.     Sadaqa
Sadaqa is when you do something generous for others only for the pleasure of Allah. It may be as simple as smiling at someone to cheer them up, picking up litter from the street or perhaps not buying some sweets for yourself one day and giving the money to charity. When you do something selfless for someone else then Allah is very pleased and He rewards you both in this world and in the Hereafter. The Prophet (saw) said: “Sadaqa destroys sins as water extinguishes fire.” (Mishkat).

by Sami Khan