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The office bearers and members of the Council for 2022/2023

Chairman Bro. A.R. Suffiad
Vice-Chairman Dr. Nisha Mohamed
Hon. Secretary Bro. Ali Mahomed
Hon. Treasurer Bro. Osman M. Arab
Building Management Committee Haji M. A. Khan
Welfare Committee Bro. Safdar Nasar Mahmud
Investment Committee Haji Saeed Uddin
Da'wah (Islamic Propagation) Committee Haji Kasim Ma Fung Wai
Youth, Education & Sports (YES) Committee Bro. Jaffar Hussain
Information Technology Committee Bro. Aminul Haque
Membership Committee
Legal & Tax Advice Committee Dr. Nisha Mohamed
Medical Committee Haji A.R. Karamdin
Publicity & Publications Committee Bro. Ali Mahomed
Library Committee
Canteen Monitoring Committee Haji Amin Ma Fung Chi
Co-ordinator, Islamic Association of Macau Bro. Ali Mahomed
Salaries and Allowances Committee Bro. Osman M. Arab
Representatives to the Trustees

Haji Saeed Uddin 

 Bro. Aminul Haque

Council Member

Bro. Mohamed Razvan Harun Rasheed - Welfare Committee

Bro. Lau, Lik Alaric - Invesment Committee

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