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MAA Lebanon

Lebanon is reeling after the devastating explosion in Beirut overnight, with more than a 100 dead and 4000 people injured or missing. Islamic Union of Hong Kong is working with Muslim Aid Australia on the ground to provide emergency relief. Based on the reports from the ground, we are aiming to provide hot food packs, facilitate mobile blood donation vehicles, and provide other emergency aid to the most affected.

To add to this tragedy, we already know how years of conflict between the people and the government has brought the country to an economic halt and the situation is set to grow worse. Harsh restrictions on banks has limited individuals’ and companies’ access to money causing loss of business, jobs, and lives and this explosion is just the latest in a long list of woes that our Lebanese brothers and sisters are facing.

How to support?

1. By cheque: Paybale to " Islamic Union of Hong Kong " post to 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong please provide your telephone & mailing address.
2. Pay cash or cheque at the Islamic Union Office in person
3. Online donation