Fruits for the Week

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‘Aziz means exalted in power, rank, and dignity. It also means incomparable, full of might and majesty, and able to enforce His will.

Allah Himself speaks to us through His revelations (through angels) and through His creation, for all nature glorifies Allah. No thinking mind, if judging the matter fairly, can fail to find the same witness in his own heart and consequence. All this points to the unity of Allah, His exalted nature, and His wisdom.

Whatever happens, whether there is a miracle or not, all help proceeds from Allah. Man should not be so arrogant as to suppose that his own resources will change the current of the world plan. Allah helps those who show constancy, courage, and discipline, and use all the human means at their disposal, not those who fold their hands and have no faith. Allah’s help is determined on considerations exalted far above our petty human motives and by perfect wisdom, of which we can have only faint glimpses.

The master can justly punish His servants for disobedience. No one can tell Him nay, for he is high above all. But if He chooses to forgive, we must recognize that He in His wisdom sees things that we mortals cannot see. This is the limit of intercession that men of Allah can make on behalf of sinners.

On the immediate occasion, the greatest miracle and most wonderful working of Allah’s grace was the union of hearts produced among the jarring, war-like, excitable elements of Arabia under the gentle, firm, and wise guidance of Muhammad (saw), the Messenger of Allah. At all times, we must pray to Allah for this gift above all: union, understanding, and pure and sincere affection among those who take Allah’s name. With it, there is strength and success. Without it, there is humiliation, slavery, and moral degradation. There may be many causes of difference and dispute. The reconciliation can only come from the glory and wisdom of Allah, for He is exalted in might; wise.

No one can have a true idea of Allah, especially He who descends to the base forms of false worship. Allah has all power, and He is fully able to carry out every part of His will and plan. He is exalted above all in power and dignity, for Allah is powerful and mighty.

Nothing that the powers of evil can do will ever defeat the merciful purpose of Allah. Evil, in resisting good, will affect its own destruction, and verily our Lord is He, the exalted in might: Most Merciful.

He is exalted in power and can carry out His will. Nothing can stop the carrying out of His promise. Where our power often falls short of the realization of our own will and needs the help of time, Allah’s power is complete and conterminous with His will.

“Words of Allah”: His wonderful signs and commandments are infinite and cannot be expressed, even if all the trees were to be fashioned into pens and widest oceans, multiplied seven times, were to be made into ink. Any book of His revelations deals with matters which man can understand and use in his life. There are things, however, that man can never fathom. And there are no praises that we could never write, even with infinite resources, that would be adequate to describe His power, glory, and wisdom.

Wisdom and power only belong to Allah. If you put your trust in other things, they will fail you because they do not exist as objects of worship. All else that you set your hearts upon will and must fail you, because they cannot in any wise be brought into rivalry with Allah. He is Allah, the exalted in power, the Wise.

There is no limit to Allah’s creative power, nor is His creative energy anything rare or unusual. Allah’s creative energy is exercised every moment, and it is the normal condition in the universe.

The revelation is characterized by two attributes, which we find most helpful in contemplating Allah: force and power, for Allah is exalted in might and able to enforce His will. And the revelation brings a massage of hope and mercy; for Allah is Most Merciful. By its characteristics, we know that the Holy Qur’an is from Allah.

If the pagans set themselves to judge Allah, have they anything to show which is comparable to Allah’s mercy and power? He has both in infinite measure. Who are they to question the grant of His mercy and revelation to His own chosen one (Muhammad).

All-Powerful is a major quality of Allah in connection with revelation, which answers the question: how Allah can send His revelation to man? Allah can carry out His will in spite of all opposition. His power is equaled to His mercy. Who can there be like unto Him? Allah’s power can protect and will defeat all plots against His will, as well as punish evil when it goes beyond bounds.

His power is so great that He can afford to reward even the unworthy. All this is possible because Allah is so exalted in might that He can perfectly execute His will and purpose, and that purpose is: love, mercy, and goodness for His creatures.

Sometimes the words of the unrighteous hurt or grieve the righteous man, but there is no occasion for either anger or sorrow. They have no power and can do no real dishonor, for all power and honor are from Allah.

Good and evil are to be distinguished sharply. No good is ever lost: it all ascends to Allah. The humblest good, in word or deed, is exalted to high rank. If man seeks mere glory and power, there is no such thing apart from Allah. But in seeking Allah, we attain the highest glory and power. Glory, honor, and power belong to Allah.

by Sidheeque M. A. V.