At the invitation of the General Council of the Islamic Union of Hong Kong (the Union) two prominent scholars from the State of Kuwait were in the territory recently to deliver a series of lectures on Islam and meet members of the Muslim community.


Dr. Khaled Ibrahim Khaled Al-Sharaf and Imam Khaled Saleh Farhan Al-Saeid arrived in Hong Kong on the afternoon of Wednesday, 11 January 2017. 

Dr. Khaled Ibrahim Khaled Al-Sharaf was giving speech on welcome dinner. 

Dr. Khaled(right) was giving speech in arbic, while Haji Nasser translate them to English. 


Chiarman of IUHK Bro. Suffiad (right) presented souvenirs to Imam Khaled Saleh. 

▲Dr. Khaled and Imam Khaled also visited the Chinese Muslim Cultural & Fraternal Association and met with the Muslims. 


▼Dr. Khaled and Imam Khaled attended a ceremony at the Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre on the presentation of certificates to those who participated in the Food Fair held on 25 and 26 December 2016 which raised $60,000 for Rohingya Muslims and Syrian refugees. 


▲Imam Khaled 、Bro. A.R. Suffiad、Haji Nasser El-Morshidy and Dr. Khaled.



After that, Dr. Khaled (Right) gave an hour long talk on “Islam – the Religion of Peace, Understanding, Tolerence and Compassion” in Arabic, while Imam Uthman Yang translate it in Chinese.




Dr. Khaled, Imam Khaled Saleh and His Excellency Khaled B. Al-Mutairi  was the guest of honor of Scholarship Presentation Seremony in the Seminar Room Organised by the Education Committee of the Union.


▲Imam Khaled Saleh(right) gave a talk on “The Importance of Education in Islam” in Arabic, while Haji Nasser translate it in English. 

▲Scholarships were presented by His Excellency Khaled B. Al-Mutairi to nearly 60 deserving students.

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